Which bear catches your eye!

Discover the intimate brand that is Bearitz, individually hand crafted, lovingly stitched, one of a kind fully jointed teddy bears. Created from luxurious fabrics, deeply sumptious mohairs, georgously soft alpacas.

Signed certificate of authenticity & bespoke gift box.

Buying direct from the artist.


Little things mean a lot, while they maybe small in stature they're big on personality.

Completely hand stitched, attention to detail is everything, the passion of bear artistry in the palm of your hand.

Size 5 1/2" (14cm) standing height

Modern Teds

These bears hug the limelight, dressed to impress and will strike a pose just to get noticed with a "Well are you going to take me home?" look.

Size 10" (25cm) standing height


A bit wacky these bears are so much fun to make their smile says it all.

Big noses and big feet they are not your quintessential teddy bear and why I named them Bamboozles.

Contemporary, colourful and quirky.

Size 10" (25cm) standing height

Classic Bears

These teddy bears are my interpretion of a traditional style teddy bear handmade with a centre seam muzzle and a small hump on the back gives a nod to the German bears of the early 20th Century.

Sizes range from 15" (35cm) - 18" (45cm) standing height

Dressed to suit the bear's individual character.


Ample tummies with shorter limbs reflect the true characteristics of pandas.

Bi-coloured in unusual shades these panda bears have a modern twist, experimenting with contrasting colours and textures.

Size 8 1/2" (22cm) standing height

Polar Bears

Sumptuously soft in ivory alpaca gives a majestic presence to this artic warrior.

Sizes range from 8" (20cm) - 12" (30cm)